About Us

    bigpic_aboutusEquiX is a technology-enabled service provider to the property insurance industry, as well as vendors of commercial equipment and residential goods. During a property insurance claim, EquiX’s cloud-based system connects insurance adjusters with vendors to help identify and value the “contents” portion of the claim (i.e., all assets not permanently attached to a building, such as equipment, furniture, etc.).


The Problem We Solve

The costs of contents claims are enormous.

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    EquiX estimates that insurers pay households and businesses $12 billion to $17 billion for lost contents every year in the U.S. alone.
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    Insurers estimate that their adjusters spend up to one-third of their time identifying and valuing the dozens to thousands of items in a contents claim, a large operating expense for insurers.
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    The contents portion of a claim is also often a source of disagreement and claimant dissatisfaction, leading to settlement delays, litigation, and customer churn for the insurer.

what we provide

The Equix solution

EquiX automates much of this work, collecting a detailed contents “inventory” in the cloud and then working with pre-selected vendor partners to identify and price suitable replacements for damaged items quickly and with very little adjuster involvement. EquiX also validates a proposed settlement value to the claimant, and gives the claimant a convenient way to quickly purchase replacement items.

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